"Stiles, if you have it, we’ll do something. I’ll do something.

"Scott, just listen to me, okay? You’re not no one. You’re someone, you’re… Scott, you’re my best friend. And I need you. Scott, you’re my brother. So if you’re gonna do this, I think you’re just gonna have to take me with you.


So jealous of this guy right now.


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Mikey wrote ‘The Only Reason’ in LA with Steve Robson and Busbee. It’s pretty heavy emotionally and lyrically. It’s kinda about that one person you can’t help but like… And for those of you who know of that photo of Michael recording naked - this is the song he did it to!

The Only Reason ft. on the #SLSPEP
EP: http://po.st/2NT1JE
single: http://po.st/2e9wjy
acoustic: http://smarturl.it/SLSPAcoustic
webstore: www.5sos.com